iPhone 13, iPad Mini, Apple Watch Main News For Companies

In recent years, Apple has gone from being a company basically oriented towards the end user and a very specific segment of professionals, to striving to conquer companies, as evidenced by its alliance with multinationals such as IBM or that surname “Pro” that each time includes on more devices. Those nods to the more professional … Read more

The best tech news of the year a 2020 to remember

If in “The worst technological news of the year: a 2020 to forget”, we talked about all those things that, apart from COVID-19, had gone wrong (or were cause for concern) in the technology sector, today we want to be much more optimistic. Because things as they are: in 2020 ICT has also given us … Read more

These are the technology companies that will demand vaccination from their employees to rejoin

FacebookThe vice president of Facebook, Lori Goler, has announced the return to the offices of her employees. But vaccination will be an essential requirement that they will have to fulfill in order to do so. However, it remains to be seen how this measure will be carried out. Goler himself explained that “how we implement … Read more

How To Turn Off Notifications On Windows 10

You keep receiving notifications in Windows 10. That’s okay. You may want to be notified about certain items such as app updates and new emails. You don’t want to get a constant stream of notifications interrupting your work. You can choose which notifications you get, how they appear and when. You can choose to only see notifications in Windows or … Read more

How To Recover Gmail Password

It can be very frustrating to forget your Gmail password. But you don’t have to worry. Google offers three options to reset passwords. Google Gmail is a popular email service that allows users to send and receive emails. However, Google is always striving to improve its user experience. Google offers a password reset option for Gmail users … Read more

How To Forget A Network On Mac

MacOS has an amazing feature that remembers the network you have connected to forever. Your Mac will automatically connect to the network when you return to its vicinity. This can sometimes be a problem. If you visit a neighbor’s house and connect to their Wi-Fi network there, your Mac will continue to connect to that network even … Read more

How To Record Discord Audio

Discord is an excellent platform for gamers and other communities to chat and offer voice and text communication free of charge. Although Discord does not allow you to record these conversations it can be done using third-party software. Here’s how. It is illegal in many countries to record others without their consent. Before you begin using any of … Read more

How To Put A Line Through Text

First, you should know that Strikethrough in Google Docs is the feature we will use to help us Cross Out. We will also learn how to strikethrough in Google Docs. It is as easy as reading the text. In a matter of seconds, you can quickly strikethrough and remove the text. Google Docs Feature: Strikethrough allows you to … Read more