How To Add Bots To Discord Server?

How To Add Bots To Discord Server

Are you Searching for how to add bots to the discord server? The best feature of a Discord bot is that you may program it to perform whatever action you like. A discord bot is a bot that only works on discord and gives you more capability than a typical user has.

If you don’t know how to add bots to your Discord server, then keep reading this post to find out how you can add bots to your discord server. In this guide, you will find the simple procedure to add bots to your discord server. You will also discover how to add bots to iOS devices.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server On Mobile?

If you are a mobile user and want to add bots to your mobile, then follow the listed steps below to add one.

  • The discord server application needs to be downloaded on your phone first.
  • Now open your browser and visit the website, select the bot you wish to add to your Discord server, and then hit the red “Invite” button to make that happen.
  • If you haven’t previously signed in with your login details on the discard account, then enter Discord account details.
  • You’ll see the bot authorization page once you’ve logged in. After selecting the bot that you want to add, click on the continue button to go next.
  • Then click the “Authorize” button after granting the necessary rights. You have now successfully added bots to your mobile Discord server.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server On iPhone?

See the list below for instructions on adding a bot to your iPhone’s Discord server.

  • First, launch the Safari browser, navigate to any Discord bot website, and search for a bot you want to add.
  • Now you will need to click on the Invite option that is located on the Discord bot page.
  • From this page, you must choose your Discord server and click Continue.
  • After that, be sure to find the permissions it requests and provide them following your needs.
  • After that, click the Authorize button and adhere to all the on-screen instructions.
  • The bot you added is now present on your iPhone Discord server, which you can access by going there.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server On Ipad?

To add bots to the Discord server on your iPad, follow the procedures listed below.

  • To choose the bot, you wish to add to your iPad, open the Safari browser and visit the Top. gg.
  • Once you’ve located the bot, select “Invite” from the menu.
  • When you hit the “Invite” button, a new page will load, requesting you to log in and fill out your information to continue.
  • Now tap the “Authorize” button to grant the bot access to your iPad.
  • At this point, you must select the “add to server” option, so select your server from the drop-down box.
  • The three dots options are placed on the right side of your window, and tapping them will allow you to modify the bot settings.
  • Go to your Discord iPad app and begin utilizing your server with the new bot after that.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server Ios?

To add a bot to discord server ios, follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • Browse and open the Unofficial Discord Bots page using Safari on your iOS device to visit the site to download the bot.
  • Select an intriguing bot from the list and hit this button to view more information about it.
  • The Invite button must then be touched.
  • To add the bot to your iOS, choose a server now.
  • Once the bot has been chosen, touch the Authorize button. This will give you permission to take action and add the bot to the IOS server of your choice.


After reading this guide, you now understand how to add bots to your Discord server to carry out any action you require. Also, in this post, you have learned how to add bots to your IOS devices. 

Hope you have found this article on how to add bots to discord server helpful; if you have any queries about this article, please post your comment below.

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