How To Add Music Bot To Discord Server

How To Add Music Bot To Discord Server?

People mostly use Discord to chat with one another while playing their favorite action games. The whole experience is far more engaging and entertaining when music is used in Discord voice chats. But how to add a music bot to the discord server is that your question?

So keep reading this post to learn how you can add a music bot to the Discord server. In this article, you will find a step-by-step method to add a music bot to your discord server to make your discord experience more enjoyable and fun with your best friends.

How To Add Music Bot To Discord Server 2022:

Making use of a bot is among the best approaches to playing music on your Discord. But the two most popular music bots on Discord, Rythm and Groovy, are removed from the discord server. The explanation for this is that they broke Youtube’s Terms and Conditions, and Youtube sent them a strongly worded letter to shut down their services.

But fortunately, there are other music bots that you can add to your discord server 2022, and these music bots give channel members more flexibility to create tracks while playing games. You must adhere to the detailed instructions provided below in order to add a music bot to the discord server.

  • A “Manage Server Role” must be provided to your Discord account to add a music bot, or you must be the Discord server to do so.
  • The next procedures require the permissions that come with being a Discord server administrator.
  • Now you will need to choose the music bot that you wish to add to your discord server.
  • Once you’ve decided, click Add to Discord / invite the bot into your server on the relevant webpage by selecting it once you’ve made your selection

  • A pop-up screen similar to the one in the image should display after you click to invite the bot, requesting you to pick a particular server from a choice box.
  • The next stage is to identify your appropriate server, check the Administrator checkbox, and then press Authorize option on your discord server.
  • If this process is completed, you will get a notice informing you that the music bot has connected your server.
  • It’s important to remember that each Discord music bot has its own set of commands.


This post has guided you through a step-by-step procedure on how you can add a music bot to your discord server. Hope you have found this article helpful and useful if you have any relevant quires about how to add a music bot to the discord server, please post your comment in the below-given box.

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