How To Add Stickers To Discord Server?

How To Add Stickers To Discord Server?

All users of Discord now have access to the Stickers functionality. But the use of Discord’s standard stickers has become tiresome, have you noticed? Are you searching for how to add stickers to the discord server that look unique? Do you want to make your discord profile cool?

If so, then you have visited the right site where you will learn a straightforward way to add unique stickers to your discord server. In this article, you will learn a step-by-step procedure for adding stickers to your discord server, so keep reading this post to learn the best way to add stickers to your discord server.

How To Add Stickers To Discord Server Mobile

Sadly, adding stickers to your Discord server on a mobile device is impossible because the Discord program does not support the most recent upgrades as it is integrated with a Computer or Macbook pro.

Even you cannot upload, modify, or delete stickers in the discord mobile application version. So if you want to add a discord server on your computer or any other web application, then you need to follow the below-indicated procedure to add a sticker on your discord server.

(It’s important to remember that you can only add stickers to your Discord servers if you have a minimum of one boost level on your discord server).

  • First of all, you will need to run Discord on your desktop or web application, and then you have to sign in to your account by entering your discord account details.
  • Now from here, you need to go to the discord server, where you must upload the unique custom sticker you wish to add to your discord server.
  • Next, you will need to click on the discord server’s name, which is found on the top left, and when you find that, click on the “Server Settings” from the menu categories options.
  • After that, you will need to go to the Stickers tab on your discord server.

  • After selecting the stickers tab, you will now need to tap on the upload sticker option to name.
  • You will need to add the sticker name and the image from your device storage that you wish to upload.
  • Now give a unique name to your picked discord sticker and select your desirable emoji by clicking on the upload button.
  • Finally, you have successfully added stickers to your discord server; now, you can also upload, modify, or delete stickers in the discord server web app or computer version.

Discord suggests using images with a size of 320320 pixels because stickers render on the computer chat at 160160 dpi. Your sticker will look nice on most screens if you use this format. Although you can give your stickers whatever name you like, so choose the names that are simple to recall.

By doing this, other users can locate the sticker much more quickly when they need to employ it. Always keep in mind that only custom stickers that have reached boosting levels 1, 2, or 3 are permitted to be uploaded to a discord server. You get more slots to use with each tier.


This guide has shown you the step-by-step procedure to add stickers to your discord server. Hope this mentioned procedure work for you; if you have any relevant questions or issues about how to add stickers to the discord server, then please leave your comment below.

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