How To Delete A Discord Server 2022

How To Delete A Discord Server 2022

If you have been searching for how to delete a discord server, then you have landed on the right spot. Discord server is one of the best social media platforms that is used to connect people around the globe. However, people are searching for methods to delete discord servers due to many reasons.

In this article, you will find how to delete the discord server. Additionally, you will find ways to delete the discord server on different platforms, including PC, Mobile, and iPhones. Also, you will get answers to some of your frequently asked questions, like how to delete a discord server that isn’t yours.

What Is Discord Server And There Use

Discord is a social networking platform that is used to link people together around the world. Discord has increasingly gained more attention in recent years, with over 250 million account holders.

If you have an account on a discord server, then you will be happy to know that the discord server is free to use, which means you can host as many users as you like and keep them live indefinitely.

Users can accept invitations to join a server’s discord conversation. It is mostly used to foster community interaction through messages or group chats, which both discord platforms support.

How To Delete A Discord Server On Mobile

Do you have too many Discord servers on your mobile? You might want to take some of them out if that’s the case. For instructions on how to delete a Discord server on a mobile device, if you are the server administrator, see the list below.

  • First, open the discord app from your smartphone and log in; (if you don’t have an account, then create one by clicking on the sign-in option).
  • At this point, you must touch the symbol on your phone’s interface in the upper-left corner.
  • Please select the server from Discord that you wish to eliminate by tapping it.
  • Next, tap the three dots. On the discord server interface, it is in the upper right corner.
  • This gear icon can be found in the menu of icons that runs horizontally beneath the server’s name; tap it.
  • Tap the three dots icon once more on your Discord screen.
  • Then click Delete Server. 
  • In order to confirm, tap on Delete Server. Finally, the discord server has now been removed.

How To Delete A Discord Server On Pc

To delete the discord server on your PC, follow the below-indicated procedure steps.

  • First of all, you will have to open Discord on your computer and then navigate to the server you want to remove from your list of Discord servers.
  • Now you will have to click the screen’s downward-pointing arrow symbol.
  • From this point, you need to choose Server Settings from the server options list.
  • After that, click the Delete Server option in the bottom left of the side menu once the Server Overview has opened.
  • You’ll see a pop-up on your display. Type your six-digit authentication number; if two-factor authentication is activated, the server name will be listed at the top of the pop-up screen.
  • Finally, tap on the delete server button to wipe out your discord server account. ( Note the discord server you deleted cannot be recovered again, so you want to be able to use it for future use).

How To Delete A Discord Server On iPhone

To delete your discord server on your iPhone, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure.

  • First of all, you must first launch the Discord app on your iPhone to start the process. Subsequently, you must sign in with your ID by entering your discord username and password.
  • Now it’s necessary to open the Discord server that you wish to edit or delete and choose only services that you want to delete.
  • To progress, press the three-dot lines on the display’s upper side.
  • After selecting the three dots, a gear icon will now appear. To move on, click it.
  • Now from here, you need to select the overview option on your discord ios app.
  • The Delete Server option may be found below after a little bit of moving the cursor on your Discord dashboard.
  • Finally, tap on the delete server option to delete your discord server on your iPhone.

How To Delete A Discord Server Folder

Below is a list of steps for deleting the Discord server folder. Follow them to complete the process.

  • The server list includes a subdirectory for the Discord server. You must sign in to your Discord account in order to delete a server folder.
  • Find the Discord server folder you wish to delete from the list of Discord servers by searching for it.
  • Now that the folder has been expanded clicking on it will allow you to see the servers inside.
  • Drag it out to delete the server folder from the Discord server folder list.
  • The Discord server folder will be immediately deleted once you drag the last server out.

How To Delete A Discord Server That Isn’t Yours

The discord server can be deleted if you have administrative rights. To delete a discord server account that isn’t yours, follow the step-by-step procedure below.

  • Launch Discord on your device and navigate to the settings page, which resembles a gearbox, to get started.
  • Then, by heading to the Discord server settings, scroll down and choose the server.
  • Selecting the Discord server you want to delete is the next step.
  • If you want to remove a member from your Discord server list and you are that member, all you need to do is click the delete server button next to the member’s name.
  • You can request that the owner of the discord server delete a user on your behalf if you aren’t the server’s owner.

How To Delete A Discord Server On Ipad

Use your iPad to delete the Discord server by following the procedures outlined there.

  • Open Discord and enter your email address and password along with all other required information.
  • Now from here, you need to tap on the three dots icon. You could also choose to swipe right.
  • Choose the server that you want to remove.
  • Choose the settings option represented by a gear symbol from the pop-up that opens.
  • Tap the discord server name, then choose the settings option.
  • Pick the option for an overview. If you are not the owner, you won’t be able to see this.
  • You must select the button to delete the server located at the bottom of the main Discord screen.
  • Click Yes to continue if a pop-up confirmation message appears.
  • Finally done! The Discord server is now permanently deleted on your iPad.

How To Delete Discord Server On Laptop

To delete the Discord server from your laptop, follow the instructions following.

  • The first step you must cover is launching Discord from your laptop.
  • When you launch Discord, all of the servers you have created will be listed in the drop-down menu on your dashboard.
  • On the top-left edge of the screen, you must now hit the server name to continue.
  • The Server Settings must then be opened after that. The drop-down option will display the server name.
  • At this point, you should select the “Delete server” option from the left sidebar.
  • From here, you need to manually type the discord server that you want to delete from the list.
  • After completing that, you may again select “Delete server” to make it vanish.
  • Note you will also need to input the six-digit login number if two-factor authentication is set on your Discord server.

How To Delete A Discord Server With 2fa

Follow the below-indicated procedure to delete the discord server with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled.

  • Start by launching the Discord app on your device or logging in to the Discord webpage.
  • You will then need to enter the Discord server you wish to delete.
  • Once you have done that, tap on the server name that is listed in the screen’s upper left corner.
  • Now you will need to go to the discord server drop-down option and choose Discord Server Settings.
  • When a pop-up begins to show, precisely type in the server’s name. If two-factor authentication (2FA) is configured, you must enter a six-digit authentication code.
  • To complete everything, click Delete Server once more.
  • This procedure cannot be stopped. Once you confirm, your server will be totally removed. Therefore, think carefully before shutting your Discord server.


You have now read this guide and understand how to delete Discord servers. Additionally, you have also learned different methods that you can use to delete the discord server on different platforms, like PC, Mobile, and iPhones.

Likewise, you have got answers to some of your frequently asked questions, like how to delete a discord server that isn’t yours. Hope you find this informative article helpful; if you have any questions about how to delete a discord server, post your feedback below.

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