How To Delete All Discord Messages In Server?

How To Delete All Discord Messages In Server?

For the discard app to work smoothly, it may occasionally be required to delete messages from the discard server to free up some space. You can delete your discord server messages one by one, but what about deleting all messages at once. Is it possible to delete all discord messages on the server?

Keep reading this article to uncover the solution. In this article, you will find the answer to how to delete all discord messages on the server? Additionally, you’ll discover how to delete all messages from a Discord server channel.

How To Delete All Discord Messages In Server?

Discord has no issues when deleting messages from throwaway servers because it is essential for the discard app to work smoothly. But sadly, discord doesn’t provide us with the easiest ways to delete all messages. There is a way to successfully delete all messages on the Discord server, which is a relief.

To delete all discord messages on the server, you can use bots. Due to the wide variety of bots available on discord, you have several possibilities.  Keep in mind to choose the best bot that can easily operate this process because all bots are not capable of deleting all discord server messages.

If you have created a new discard server account and there are only a few messages on it, you might be able to delete them all at once. To clean it all up, though, can take some time if your town is larger.

This is due to the batch size restrictions that bots have. Some only allow you to delete up to 100 messages simultaneously, while others allow you to delete up to 1,000 messages with a single command.

The former group includes the CleanChat Bot, whereas the latter includes the powerful MEE6. 

MEE6 bot is one of the most famous bots you can find on discord that works smoothly. If you want to erase every conversation on discord, one of the most potent tools at your disposal is the MEE6 bot. Using the meet6 bot, you can delete up to 1000 messages which is the best way to get rid of unwanted chat history.

Follow the procedure below to delete all discoed server messages using the MEET6 bot.

  • To delete your discord server messages using the bot, you must search for the meet6 bot and install it.
  • When the download is finished, please open it and fill in all the account details to proceed.
  • To link the meet6 bot to your Discord server account, click the blue icon.
  • Just follow the upcoming instruction and click on the authorization button. By doing this, your server will link with your account.
  • Finally, your server has linked with your discord account; you can delete all the messages on the discord server, whether it’s a private conversation or public; you can delete both.

How To Delete All Messages In A Discord Server Channel

To delete all messages in the channel on the Discord server, comply with the requirements below.

  • You must first launch Safari or Chrome or another web browser to access Discord.
  • To copy the script of the message, immediately open DevTools by pressing F12 or command+option+J.
  • You must copy the deleteDiscordMessages.js script once the code has been entered.
  • Next, paste the script code into the Console and move on by pressing the ENTER key.
  • You must enter the variables and press the START button after launching a new window.
  • By pressing (F12), launch the dev tools once more and select the Network tab. (Remember to remove any suggestions for greater readability that you encounter).
  • Manually eliminate one message. You can see a request with the DELETE method in the request log.
  • Copy the “authorization” token from the Headers tab of the request after clicking on it to open the details. 
  • There are many dots in a lengthy text, such as Mnbsidbsabdbsd.32e32ne2bib.nwoiud3o32.
  • Now To copy the ID from this location, right-click your avatar in a chat message you have sent. To copy the ID for public channels, click the right mouse button.
  • Now right-click the message to remove it from the Discord channel.
  • It is necessary to click the delete button after choosing the channel messages in order to remove the chosen channel messages.
  • Go to the user settings and select the appearance option if you use the enabler mode to activate the developer mode.


After reading this article, you know how you can delete all messages in the discord server instead of deleting them one by one. This post also shows you how to delete all messages in a channel on a Discord server. Hope you have found this guide on how to delete all discord messages on the server helpful.

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