How To Put A Line Through Text

First, you should know that Strikethrough in Google Docs is the feature we will use to help us Cross Out. We will also learn how to strikethrough in Google Docs. It is as easy as reading the text. In a matter of seconds, you can quickly strikethrough and remove the text. Google Docs Feature: Strikethrough allows you to remove any text from Google Docs. Strikethrough is the option we will use to cross out the text. Strikethrough, a Google Docs option that allows you to cross out text, is well-known.

How To Put A Line Through Text In Google Docs

This is how you can strike through text in Google Docs. The strikethrough button won’t be found out in the open. It would take a few clicks to reach the strikethrough button. In case you’re wondering what a strikethrough is, here’s an example. This image should help you to understand.

How can you insert a line through text within google docs Please read the following;

1. Select a text in Google Docs, one that you have already written and want to put a line across

2. 2. Click here Format At the top of Google Docs dashboard.

3. Click here Text Click on the button to continue Strikethrough

You can choose a text to automatically make it a strikethrough text. You can’t choose any text. Anything you write afterward will be in strikethrough. This is all you need to know about how to insert a line through text into Google Docs.

How To Strikethrough Text In PowerPoint

PowerPoint offers two ways to remove text from the screen. Either use the Strikethrough command in Ribbon or the Font dialog box. Depending on the number of text effects you wish to apply, which method is better will determine what option you choose.

1. Use the Strikethrough command in Ribbon

  1. Select the text that you wish to highlight in your slide
  2. Navigate to Home TAB
  3. Click here Strikethrough Command

You can remove the crossed out text effect by simply applying the strikethrough command again to your text, or selecting your text and hitting the Enter key. Ctrl + Spadebar Use the keyboard to erase any text formatting.

2. 2. Use the strikethrough command within the Font dialog box

These three shortcuts are the fastest and most efficient way to open the Font dialog in PowerPoint. They all do the exact same thing.

  1. Ctrl +T
  2. Ctrl + Shift+ P
  3. Ctrl + Shift+ F

You don’t have to remember the keyboard shortcuts I mentioned above (which I highly recommend), but you can access the website. Font As follows: Dialog box from Ribbon

  1. Choose the text that you wish to highlight
  2. Click here Arrow that faces downward In the in Font Group
  3. Choose Strikethrough (pictured below).
  4. Click OK

Apply for the Double Strikethrough In effect, you must go through the Font PowerPoint dialog box

Use the Font You do not see a live preview of an effect in the dialog box. Click the button to confirm your selection. OK To see the effect applied in your text

3. PowerPoint offers text effect options

The strikethrough command can also be used. Font The dialog box in PowerPoint allows you to apply 7 text effects to your text (as shown below).

  • Strikethrough Alt + K
  • Double Strikethrough Alt + L
  • Superscript: Alt + P
  • Submit: Alt + B
  • Small Caps Alt + M
  • All caps: Alt + A
  • Equalize Character Height Alt + Q


You might think that Gmail would automatically include the ability to strike through text, but the current version doesn’t support strikethrough. It’s not something you’ll use often, but it is sometimes the only way to format something. This skill can be useful. To get a strikethrough text for Gmail, first format your text in Docs. Then copy it and paste it into Gmail. Follow these steps to do this.

  1. Log in to Google Drive
  2. Start a new document. Type your text in it.
  3. Choose the text that you wish to strike through.
  4. Choose “Format” or “Strikethrough
  5. Copy the text.
  6. Click “Compose” in Gmail.
  7. Copy the text.

Although it is complicated, this process works. The formatting may be lost if Gmail is configured to send plain text emails. These steps will allow you to enable rich text email again.

  1. Click “Compose” in Gmail.
  2. Click the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner of your blank email.
  3. Click the checkmark next “Plain Text Mode”

Try to paste again, and the strikethrough should stay intact. You now have many formatting options within Gmail, including rich text.

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