These are the technology companies that will demand vaccination from their employees to rejoin

The vice president of Facebook, Lori Goler, has announced the return to the offices of her employees. But vaccination will be an essential requirement that they will have to fulfill in order to do so. However, it remains to be seen how this measure will be carried out. Goler himself explained that “how we implement this policy will depend on local regulations and conditions.”

In addition, she added that Facebook will open a process “for those who cannot be vaccinated for a medical reason or any other and the approach in other regions will be evaluated as the situation evolves.” The company’s goal is for the offices to be able to reopen their doors in October. However, the technology will allow employees to work remotely with a permit.

The CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has sent a letter to his workers to announce the conditions of the return to work in person. Sundar Pichai explained that the COVID vaccination will be essential to be able to abandon teleworking. According to Pichai, “getting vaccinated is one of the most important ways to stay healthy in the months to come, both ourselves and our communities.”

The initiative has been launched in the United States. It will be from October 18 when employees will be able to return to their positions but, little by little, it will be extended to the rest of the countries in which the technology giant has a presence. However, this measure will be adapted to the availability of vaccines in each region.

Another of the technology companies that will require the vaccination of employees is Netflix. As stated, workers who participate in all productions in the United States will have to be vaccinated against Covid-19. This measure is a response to the spread of the Delta variant as dominant throughout the world.

This measure not only includes all the members of their productions, it will also affect the people who are in close contact with them. As reported by the Deadline portal, the company will make few exceptions in its vaccination policy. Among them will fit those that are related to religious, medical and age reasons.

The company founded by Bill Gates is another of the companies that will request proof of vaccination from their workers before returning to the offices. Any of the 100,000 employees you have in the United States will have to be vaccinated before starting their job normally. Technology companies have taken the lead in the return to face-to-face work. The requirement for COVID vaccination seems to be increasingly widespread, although the pandemic will also leave teleworking as a much more common modality. A measure to be followed by many other companies.

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